Microbiome Signature Technology

The Biomecite diagnostic technology relies on the analysis of signature genetic sequences obtained directly from patient stool samples. This state-of-the-art technology belongs to the rapidly expanding field of microbiome-based diagnostics, fueled by the development of increasingly efficient and cost-effective DNA-sequencing technologies.

  • Fecal microbiota are attractive and promising diagnostic targets, as they reflect the metabolic, immunologic, and pathologic status of the entire gastrointestinal tract.
  • Sequence analysis of metagenomic DNA isolated from stool samples provides a non-invasive, economical, established and easily automatable way to study the fecal microbiota.
  • To identify diagnostic microbiota markers, the “microbiome signatures”, the inventors developed a statistical, computational method to characterize and compare metagenomic data rapidly and comprehensively.


Biomecite Diagnostics is one of the first companies to develop a diagnostic platform based on analysis of DNA data from the human microbiome.


    The diagnostic is being developed to provide doctors accurate diagnostic information within days of one simple fecal matter test.


    The test will be available without discomfort or risk to the patient at a low price and could potentially help tens of millions of patients worldwide.


    The Biomecite diagnostic is a software based platform which will improve over time as more patient data is accumulated.